The Blogger

Amanda is a 20-something living in a horridly small Western Kentucky town. Over the years, Amanda has lived all over the US with an array of different experiences. She’s perfectly content being back home in a small town (that has no bookstore!) with her family and animal companions. Armed with a library card, online shopping, and a bit more recently a Nook Color, she fulfilled her intense love of books and words passed on from her mother.

Her love of reading began with the first book she ever read on her own, before she even started attending school – The Three Little Kittens. Over the years she graduated to Stephen King, classics, and more recently young adult literature.

Amanda began writing at a very young age. Her first most-prized work? A short story involving a giraffe in the third grade. Since then she has moved on to people jumping and falling from cliffs.

The Blog

Letters Inside Out started because two of Amanda’s friends kept urging her to start a blog as a way to remember what she had read and a way to push them on people other than them. She’s been known to urge random strangers to purchase the book they are eyeing in the bookstore. She also has a knack for recommending books to people based on their personality.

The name behind Letters Inside Out initally came from a song lyric. It was then molded slightly to help fit the blog’s persona and the message which is, essentially, a way to explore or “turn” letters/words inside out for the true meaning.

Interviews and Guest posts

While I can’t imagine why anyone would want to interview me, sometimes Letters Inside Out or I appear on other blogs! I’ve compiled a list of some of these for your entertainment. (Want to feature me on your site? I’m always happy to get to know other bloggers. Drop me an email.)

Not enough?

You can find out more about Amanda through Twitter, Email, or Tumblr.

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