When I first started reading Airel, something just felt off about it. The further I got into the story the more interested and captivated I became. The book is told in alternating chapters, some of present day with Airel and some from the past in 1250BC with Kreios. The past was done well, focusing on Kreios’ journey and battle. In the present, Airel is noticing some odd changes about herself and thinks she’s getting sick. I shied away from reading reviews on this book, thankfully, so I had no idea WHAT they were. I also won’t mention it here, in case you want to be surprised to, but if you do feel free to go read some reviews on Amazon.

My biggest complaint about the book was Airel and Michael’s relationship. Airel is a very opinionated character, which I love, but she contradicts herself when it comes to Michael. They slip into this obsession with one another that had me cringing at times.

Aside from my complaint, I did love the fact that Airel was well-written. She was another kick-butt heroine. Michael was a dreamy love interest, I can honestly see how she got so swept up in him, but at times he felt a bit too perfect.

I also loved the fact that the past history part was so well-developed. Often I read a book and it hints at the past, but never really developes it. I’m a reader that loves to know the background, in Airel it was very well-done.

The ending left me reeling, I can’t wait for book two, Michael to come out.

I received my copy of Airel from Pump Up Your Book for their book tour. Thanks to them and the authors for the chance to read it!