Chuck Taylor’s OCD has rendered him a high school outcast. His endless routines and habitual hand washing threaten to scare away both his closest friend and the amazing new girl in town. Sure he happens to share the name of the icon behind the coolest sneakers in the world, but even Chuck knows his bizarre system of wearing different color “Cons” depending on his mood is completely crazy.

In this hilariously candid debut novel from comedian Aaron Karo—who grew up with a few obsessions and compulsions of his own—very bad things are going to happen to Chuck. But maybe that’s a good thing. Because with graduation looming, Chuck finds himself with one last chance to face his inner demons, defend his best friend, and win over the girl of his dreams. No matter what happens, though, he’ll have to get his hands dirty.

When I originally saw the cover of Lexapros and Cons I knew I had to read it. It’s bright, flashy, and looks like so much fun! Karo’s YA debut lived up to my expectations! From the first page I was in this fun stupor wondering if I should laugh or not.

Chuck has an amazing personality. On top of his OCD, he just has so much spunk! He collects “cons” in various colors, because his name is Chuck Taylor – like the shoe! He’s a bit obsessed with snagging the new girl in town by any means necessary. He has a slightly geeky best friend, who has so much heart (who loves repeating the story of his first sexual encounter).

Some of Chuck’s compulsions are a bit giggle-worthy, some are full out worthy of laughing. Other moments are a bit sad, but still done in a comedic way! Through out Lexapros and Cons Chuck is struggling with his decision to get better.

Warning time: If you haven’t gathered from the review, there are sexual situations. It’s done in a comedic way, but if that isn’t your thing – this isn’t your book!

Everyone else, Lexapros and Cons is worth being on your radar! It’s hilarious, witty, and such a fun read.

I received my copy of Lexapros and Cons from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion.


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