“Frances can forgive. She can even forget. But she can never escape her past…
A compelling psychological thriller from the acclaimed author of Teach Me. Frances Robinson has the perfect life: loving adoptive parents, a great best friend, and a cute new boyfriend. But Frances has a secret.
Once upon a time she wasn’t Frances Robinson. She was Shine, and she lived with her three sisters and her birth mother, Afton Jelks, far out in the country. But the loneliness overtook Afton’s fragile mind, and one day she smothered her daughters, one after another. Only Frances escaped.
Now Afton is out of prison. And she wants to finish what she started….”
Words cannot express how much I loved this book. It was eerie and horrifying…and totally realistic. My heart aches for Frances. She receives a letter from her mother and takes off on a road trip to find her to see what she really means by the letter. This is easily one of the most disturbing books I’ve read in awhile.
The flashbacks to Frances’ childhood have this surreal feel to them. It’s fantastic. In the present time, it was amazing how strong of a person she had become despite her early childhood experiences. Ones that would send most people into a very, very dark and twisted place that they couldn’t escape. A place she’s questioning to see if whether it is inside of her or not. Just like any normal person would do. Nix, her boyfriend, is so cutely protective of her. I loved it.