“Becca Wilkinson is an average teenager trying to make it out of high school in one piece. She’s a nobody, only infamous because of the devastating car crash she caused a year ago. But as increasingly bizarre things start happening all around her and a mysterious stranger shows up claiming they want to help, Becca learns that high school is the least of her problems-and. She’s anything but average.”

I received this as a review copy from Patricia, but as always, the opinion is completely my own.

Sci-fi is usually a category I shy away from, which is funny because I seem to thoroughly enjoy every sci-fi book I pick up.  This one was not an exception.  The story was very well-written and enjoyable.  It’s the first in a trilogy; I’ll be counting down the days until May when the second book comes out, so I can see what happens next!

It’s currently only available as an ebook; check it out at Smashwords