The Noah sisters rule Titan High with their beauty, brains, and magical powers.

Each year they play a secret game: Crushed. The girls pick their targets carefully and blow enchanted dust into the boy’s faces, charming them, but this year Kristen makes a grave mistake. She chooses the wrong boy and almost dies that same day. Coincidence? Maybe.

But something isn’t quite right about Zach Bevian. He doesn’t behave like a boy who’s been Crushed. He goes from hot to cold, from looking at her with contempt to asking her out on a date. She doesn’t know what to think. Does he hate her or is he truly falling for her? Is he trying to kill her, or is he trying to save her?

This is one book I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from – What I got was such a cute, fast read. While a bit cruel, their game Crushed sounds a bit fun. Every year they bewitch a boy to fall madly in love with them. The bewitched boys will do anything within reason, so it’s sure to be fun.

I’ll admit it was very hard for me to overlook what they were doing to the boys by making them pretty powerless to their own desires. So, looking past that, each girl was completely different. Kristen is the “perfect” one, Brittany is moody and kind of rude, and Cindy keeps the calm. Kristen and Brittany were developed, each was entertaining and fascinating. Cindy’s character was developed, but wasn’t really in the story long enough to really “get to know”. I love Zach, watching him struggle with himself on his opinion of Kristen felt so real to me.

I had my suspicions on the story line, most of which proved to be true, but it’s sure to keep you guessing and entertained. Crushed is a very unique fun look at witches and wizards. I want to read more from KC Blake, especially more about these characters.

I received Crushed in exchange for my honest review from the author.