“Sixteen-year-old Autumn is a human heartache. Everywhere she turns people are stomping on her hopes and dreams. Her mom’s a tweaker. She’s lived with her chain-smoking grandmother for as long as she can remember. Even her best friend has issues. Autumn seems to be the only responsible person she knows and she’s sick of putting up with it all.

When she meets Evan, a hot guy without a worry in the world, she can only wonder if he’s for real or just another Dream Smasher.

A girl who no longer wants to care and a boy who cares enough for the both of them. Dream Smashers is a love story, but most of all, it’s about letting go.”

What a powerful strong story! Not many books dealing with drug-addiction go this deep, and it was delicately and beautifully done.

Despite all that Autumn’s been through she’s a good person, although hestitant to be at times. Yet she leads a rocky life. I loved that in addition to seeing the story through Autumn’s eyes, we also got to see it through Jacinda’s. Jacinda was filled with so much hatred…for everyone, really. Being able to see through the eyes of a drug-addict was very interesting. Evan was an adorable love interest, but at times he did read a bit cheesy.

Do note there are some references to God, church, and the like. They aren’t heavy and this isn’t an over-bearing sort of novel, but I thought I’d mention it, because I know that sort of thing does bother some people.

I received my copy of Dream Smashers through a giveaway on the New Books for New Bloggers blog, if you are a newer blogger I encourage you to check it out! It’s a great way to get books, tips, and network with other bloggers!