Taken from Goodreads: Jen’s life of partying and sneaking out has grown stale. So on a whim, Jen makes a bet to turn Trevor, a goody-two-shoes geek, into a “bad boy.” As she hangs out with Trevor, however, she finds it’s actually kinda fun being a geek. But when Trevor finds out about the bet, Jen must fight for the things she’s discovered matter most: friendship, family, and, above all, love.

Shortly after I first got my Nook Color, I came across Heart on a Chain by Cindy C Bennett. I read it and was amazed, especially since it was one of my first few self-published authors I’d tried out. I came across Geek Girl a few months ago, and from the synopsis I knew I had to read it.

I did figure that Geek Girl would be a bit typical. Character makes a bet, the object finds out, drama ensues. While that is the basic storyline behind Geek Girl, there was much more depth than that. Jen hops from foster home to foster home, making little connection in each town. She’s bored in her current home, so she decides to go into a bet with two of her friends that she’ll turn geeky Trevor into someone more like them.

Oh, Trevor! He’s so adorable and is just a really good guy. He spends time with his family for their weekly bowling night, he believes the best about everyone, he even volunteers time to the elderly.

I love Jen’s character, but she frustrates me. She’s so jaded that she honestly believes no one cares about anyone other than themselves. She has such a great voice throughout the book, that I kept wanting to know more of her past.

Bennett has a talent to write about tough issues, but make them into a very sweet love story. If you are in the mood for a contemporary romance, I urge you to check her out!

Geek Girl was originally released as a self-published book, but was picked up by Cedar Fort Books. It goes back on sale on December 8th.

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I received my copy from the publisher for the blog tour, in exchange for my honest review.