I always thought it would be cool to escape into another world. I never believed I’d find one in my reflection. But there I was, falling through the mirror into a parallel life-Samara’s life. And she needed me. The cutting, the dead mom, no friends…She was hurting, and I knew it was up to me to fix it. She needed me to fix her.

She’ll thank me…


I never had a friend until I met Dee, at least not a real friend. But then she’s my reflection, so maybe I’m just crazy. When she suggested we switch places, it seemed like the perfect answer.
So I let her live in my world, and I lived in hers.
With her mom, her boyfriend, her friends-her perfect life…I don’t belong here.

But how can I go back after what she’s done?

Two girls, one reflection, and a startling discovery about what really lies beyond the bathroom mirror…

When I originally read the synopsis for Eyes in the Mirror, I assumed it would be a psychological thriller of sorts. I was definitely in for a surprise, but it was a nice one. Instead it’s more of a contemporary novel with a fantasy twist. A bit of magical realism, if you will.

Both girls lead completely different lives. They discover that mirrors are portals to a parallel universe, as the synopsis states they switch lives. As typical in any life-reversal book/movie, this is a bad idea! It’s hard to dislike either girl, despite their stupid mistakes with one another’s life. They really do think they are doing the right thing.

Eyes in the Mirror is very unique. I loved the author’s take on this alternate universe where you have a doppleganger running around. The characters differ so much, that it was fascinating to see the direction each would take in their new “life”.

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I do have to say at times I was very confused! I would think I’d be following how this parallel world would work, but then something wild and crazy would occur that would leave me scratching my head a bit!

I received my copy of Eyes in the Mirror from the publisher for review.