by CJ

January 18, 2023

Weaving Destiny by G.P. Ching


Today I’m taking part in GP Ching’s book tour for book two in her Soulkeepers series, Weaving Destiny. If you haven’t read book one, you may not want to read the synopsis or review, but definitely go check out the giveaway at the bottom of the post! You can also check out my review for book one, The Soulkeepers.

Malini Gupta thought Jacob Lau was her destiny. But after months of failing to decipher how she fits into the Soulkeepers, frustration threatens to tear their relationship apart. And it doesn’t help that a new Soulkeeper named Mara is ready to stop time itself to earn Jacob’s love.

When Malini faces her worst fears, and even death, she learns a funny thing about destiny. Fate is a tapestry of choices, and she has the power to weave hers.

Weaving Destiny introduces new characters and explores Malini’s destiny more. In the first book, Malini was my favorite character. She continues to be so. I’m so curious about her family history. Without spoiling it all, I really hope book three explores more of the history behind Soulkeepers, how they get their powers, and so on. I was very surprised with what Malini’s powers are.

While I loved learning more about the whole Soulkeeper realm, the new characters shined. My favorite is Mara. She’s a bit determined to steal Jacob, but I’m always a big fan of the slightly nasty, strong characters when done correctly. They add just a bit of real-world drama into a world that is a bit insane and crazy. Henry also is a character I’ll love to know more about.

Weaving Destiny also opened up some great new possible story lines for book three. Like where are the missing people going? I’m intrigued with what book three is about and am going to eagerly await it. In the meantime, check below for your chance to win both books and some other goodies!

I received my copy of Weaving Destiny in exchange for my honest opinion.


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