Luckily, Gemma is taken under the wing of the fiery and popular Madison, who leads her into the high school life of the charmed. Her world as Gemma quickly becomes everything she ever wanted in a normal life – that is until international teen heartthrob, Tyler Chase, announces his celebrity crush on Queen Bee. Suddenly, Gemma’s alter ego becomes a household name as the handsome singer’s loyal “Tyler Chasers” create a frenzy to discover her true identity.

And just when Gemma thinks she can hide from the celebrity drama in her high school life, Lucas – her next door neighbor as well as Madison’s boyfriend – develops an interest in her that goes far beyond platonic, and Gemma soon learns that rumors aren’t strictly for the stars.”

As a reviewer, and sometimes a reader, I’m occasionally cautious to accept (or buy as the case may be) self-published books. I feel bad about that, but I’ve had oh-so-many horror stories when accepting them! I had expected Hidden Gem to be a stereotypical pop star undercover kind of story. While it was a bit predictible at times, it was so much more. The entire book kept me hooked and wanting to know what would happen next.

Gemma is slightly insecure and realistic. Her alter ego, Queen Bee, is likeable and relatable, despite being famous. Madison, Gemma’s friend, is the perfect in role of the mean-girl. Lucas is kind of dreamy, but a bit of a pushover. I really wish in situations like this SOMEONE would stand up to the bully. I love Gavin, he is hilarious yet protective.

In Queen Bee’s life, Damian is seriously a doll! I cannot wait for book two to get to know some of Queen Bee’s friends and to see what happens with Tyler.

I encourage everyone to check out Hidden Gem, it’s the perfect beach read. It’s just deep enough to give you a little something extra, but it’s light and fun.