You might recognize Elisa Ludwig’s name from her upcoming release with Katherine Tegen Books, Pretty Crooked (due out in March). What you may not know is that she also wrote (and self-published) this fun-filled book. I’ve always had a love of books or TV that incorporate my weakness for music. June of Rock doesn’t disappoint.

June’s boyfriend breaks up with her right before she’s set to go spend the summer at a rock camp. She’s wanting to go to learn to play the drums better and to practice with a real band. The camp set up is fascinating. It’s a girls-only camp, they spend the morning doing various lessons and nights practicing with their band in preparation for the summer’s end Battle of the Axes.

June’s such a fascinating character. She reminds me a lot of myself in not only her music tastes, but also the fact she doesn’t connect with girls easily. She slowly begins to learn that there are girls out there that aren’t all that bad.

If you are looking for a romance, you are going to want a different book. While there is some romance, June of Rock is more of a self-discovery and friendship/girl power book. If you love music, this is definitely your book!

June of Rock doesn’t have the “self-published” feel that many of us shy away from. I haven’t read Pretty Crooked yet, but if it’s anything like this one I’m sure it’ll be entertaining.