Review Policy

Letters Inside Out is currently accepting guest posts (and/or excerpts, giveaways) for the month of August. If you might be interested contact us!

I accept most Young Adult genres for review.

My favorite genres include contemporary, dystopia, paranormal, and horror/thriller.

I do not review: Self-published, children’s books, middle grade, tween, non-fiction books, or adult books.

Time Frame and What to Expect:

My schedule is currently booked out for about five to six months. I am sometimes able to fit books in earlier – if you have a specific time frame in mind, please let me know! (Blog tours, impending release dates, and things of this sort take priority.)

I do not guarantee your book will be reviewed upon receiving, not every book is for every reader and I do not review books I do not finish. If a review is completed, I will send you an email with the URL to the review. I do not guarantee a positive review, I take pride in being honest in all of my reviews. I am not unfair, I always balance out pros and cons of all reviews to the best of my ability.

All completed reviews are cross-posted to Amazon, Twitter, and Facebook.

What I Need From You:

While some of this is obvious, it is often forgotten. Including this information makes it easier and faster for me to decide if I would like to read your book!

  • Blurb/synopsis, genres, title, author’s name.
  • Optional: Excerpt links, locations the book is for sale, release date if unreleased, websites for more information (author or book-specific)
  • Note if you’d be willing to do guest posts, interviews, excerpts, giveaways, or any other promo posts.
  • Please note: If your book is in a series and I haven’t read the previous books, I will ask you either send me the first book in the series so that I can review that instead OR that you send all previous books.

DO NOT attach your book to your initial email. It will be deleted, this also goes for “gifting” titles through book stores.


I accept bound and e-books for review.

My preferred method of receiving e-galleys is through NetGalley, where I am a listed Review Organization Accepting NetGalley Titles.

Please note: Released physical copies are often used for giveaways or donated to local charities or libraries. If the book isn’t released yet, they are usually traded or gifted to other bloggers who are interested in reviewing the title. If you are opposed to any of these options, please let me know. E-Books are never redistributed.

To contact LIO, use either this contact form or email address. (Please note this email is to be used only for review requests.)


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