Being the good girl isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Ashton Gray has grown weary of playing the part to please her parents, and to be worthy of the town’s prince charming, Sawyer Vincent. Maybe That’s why she’s found herself spending time with Sawyer’s cousin, Beau, while he’s away for the summer camping with his family. Beau is nothing like her perfect boyfriend. He’s the sexiest guy she’s ever seen, dangerous in ways she’s only day dreamed about, and the one guy she should stay away from.
Beau never envied Sawyer his loving parents, his big nice home, or his position as quarterback. He loves him like a brother. Which is why he’s tried everything in his power to keep his distance from Sawyer’s girlfriend. Even if he has loved her since the age of five, Ashton is Sawyer’s girl, so therefore she’s off limits. But when Sawyer leaves for the summer, Ashton, the one girl Beau would move Heaven and Earth for, decides she wants to get into trouble. Stabbing the one person who’s always accepted him and stood by him in the back, is the cost of finally holding Ashton Gray in his arms. Is she worth losing his cousin over?…. Hell Yeah.

Here lately I’ve been on this kick of reading amazing book after amazing book. I keep expecting to hit a wall and read one that’s not so great, The Vincent Boys definitely fit into the first category. Yes, we have another love triangle. I’m slowly growing to kind of love them. (At least the ones that are done well.)

Ashton is a preacher’s daughter, who really does try to live up to the role. She strives to be the perfect girlfriend to the perfect boyfriend, Sawyer. She has what every girl wants from the outside, yet that isn’t her. Sawyer is spending the summer away and as fate would have it, Beau and Ashton begin rekindling their long lost friendship. Beau is your typical gorgeous bad boy. Swoon.

I am a strong believer that people should be honest. Most of the usual drama that takes place wouldn’t happen if people were just honest. That is my only complaint with this book – various characters shielding others from the truth. It’s not even a real complaint, because otherwise what would we have? A perfect little world with no entertainment in fictional creations. I will say I kept wanting to shout at my e-reader “JUST TELL THE TRUTH” or “IF YOU HAD JUST TOLD…”. I’ve often been reminded that being frustrated at characters’ actions is a sign of a good book though. (I’m a very verbal reader…I also yell at the TV when characters are idiots.)

If you are in the mood to fall in love with a new book-boy, you need to read The Vincent Boys. Beau is so very swoon-worthy. I am sure most of you on Twitter have seen mentions of Beau, these people know what they are talking about!

There is some sexual content and occasional language, if these things bother you take caution.

I received my review copy as part of the book tour.