Last year I reviewed Destiny Binds here on Letters Inside Out and loved it! The area I live is rarely written about in books, but Tammy Blackwell captured it so well – because she lives here. When she contacted me to see if I’d like to review Time Mends, I jumped on the chance immediately.

In Destiny Binds we were introduced to a world filled with Shifters and Seers, Time Mends picks up shortly after where Destiny Binds ended. Scout’s life is rocked from the events that occured and she’s struggling to make sense of her new life.

When I reviewed Destiny Binds, I was recommending the book to my friends just a few chapters in. With Time Mends I began reminding them that if they hadn’t already read the first, they needed to do so as soon as possible. I love this series! I didn’t expect Time Mends to be as wonderful as I thought the first book was, but it is. In fact, it might be better!

Blackwell’s writing style is funny and charming. She has a way with paranormal that not many self-published authors can manage. Her characters make me giggle outloud in one moment and bring tears to my eyes the next. The characters I loved in the first book stayed true to themselves and the story itself got even better and more mysterious. It ends on a cliffhanger, so I’m going to eagerly await the next book to see what happens with the pack!

The only factor that put me a bit off is the lack of parental input in Time Mends. Scout’s parents know what’s going on, but simply choose to just ignore it. Her parents seem to be decently, even normally, involved in her life, yet when a huge part of the story comes up, they put up little protest.

For lovers of shifters (or those in a small town wanting to read something more like home), the Timber Wolves series is not to be missed!

I received my copy of Time Mends: Timber Wolves (Volume 2) from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.