Pyxis is one of those books I was a bit scared to read because of the blurb, I was intriuged but the blurb doesn’t really give you any clue what the book is about. At the same time I want to refrain from spoiling things! Challenge time.

Corinne finds a box in her grandmother’s belongings and thinks they are food color. Her school is having a big bake-sale, so she decides to use them in the desserts. All of a sudden boys that never talk to her are interested and girls are behaving much friendlier than they normally would. Corinne and Angelina, her best friend, do what any other teen girls would do and decide to experiment with them. Pyxis follows Corinne, Angelina, and their other friend, Mason’s search for answers as to what this box is and just what is going on in the world around them.

I was hooked from page one, the story is unique and fascinating. You can’t help but wonder just what trouble these three are going to get into! Neal’s characters are well-developed. She has a talent of creating such a mysterious, enticing world that this book isn’t to be missed!