Amazon:  “Violet has never fit in—she is the weird girl who has seizures. Only she knows that the seizures are actually psychic visions, always violent and always about someone she loves. Now, during her junior year, she has an opportunity to start fresh, and fit in, at Winterhaven, a boarding school in New York where everyone has psychic abilities. There she makes new friends, and the cutest guy at the school, Aidan, seems mesmerized by her. But then the visions reappear, and this time she sees Aidan in a pool of blood, apparently killed by Violet herself. “

While I enjoyed Haven, I felt it was more of the same.  Sure, there was an original twist to it, but overall it was a repeat of what’s been done before.  I can’t really go into detail with specifics without giving the “secrets” away, but it felt like a mash-up of several other YA books.  (And I don’t like spoilers!)

It did keep me in suspense at times, so that’s always enjoyable. Violet was a very strong heroine at times, but at others I found myself going “Is this the same character?” She was a touch cliche, to be honest.  Adrian lacked something, I just can’t put my finger on it.  Vi’s friends were what made me enjoy the story, I wished for more of their involvement, though.

I feel like the characters were developed, but not well enough for my tastes.  I would’ve liked to have seen more of them, I suppose.  That said it kept me hooked.  I wanted to know what would happen.  I’m hoping for a sequel that will develop the characters more and give me whatever it was I feel this one was missing that I can’t place my finger on.