by CJ

January 19, 2023

Night Cries by Dave Ferraro


“An unexpected attack on Shanna Hunt and her new friends prompts the team of monster hunters to venture to Greece, where they encounter an abandoned city, ancient ruins, and a haunting mystery. Something has caused a mass evacuation of the city, something sinister that will stop at nothing to get what it wants. And if the powerful force lurking in the wings isn’t enough to tear the team apart, perhaps the secrets they are keeping from each other are.”

If you haven’t read my review for the first book in the Hunters of the Dark series, Her Dark Destiny, you missed how much I absolutely LOVED it. Night Cries doesn’t disappoint, at all. It has the same feel as Her Dark Destiny, but the characters are faced with totally different enemies.

Because of a mistake the team heads to Greece only to find…nothing. The town has this incredible creepy feel that radiated from the pages. How could it not when they are exploring an abandoned town that has Greek statues and ruins? Not to mention, it’s Greece, so what would it be without a bit of mythology? The determined “sinister” something and “powerful force” the synopsis hints of make Night Cries even better than the first book. I wasn’t sure that would be possible and was so excited to find out it was!

While all of the characters from the first book are present, there is also a lot of new characters! My favorite of these is Krystal. I’m not sure how old she is, but she has a childlike quality about her that makes her tons of fun. Of the Hunters, Jade is my favorite. She has some of the best lines in the book. The love triangle between Damien, Cameron, and Shanna continues. There are also plenty of big secrets that find their way out into the open to add some extra drama.

Spoilers avoided, it will be very interesting to see how everyone recovers from the events in Night cries.

Warnings: Like the first book the characters are 18+, because of that express caution. There are a few scenes that are pretty graphic so it may not be suitable if you are squeamish.

I received my copy of Night Cries from the author in exchange for my review, this in no way affected my opinion.


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