When I first heard of Vicious Little Darlings, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about it, to be honest. I knew it was being compared to Pretty Little Liars, though, so I had to give it a chance. To me it feels as if you’ve crossed Pretty Little Liars with Single White Female, with a nice healthy dose of humor. It’s bizarre, but definitely fun.

Sarah is bright and is pretty funny, especially with her inner dialogue. I found myself marking several quotes, because they were just so funny and out there. For example, the mysterious guy she sees in the dinner who reminds her of Edward Scissorhands? I fully enjoyed her observations of him. I was a bit annoyed by Sarah’s promiscuious tendencies.

Then there are Maddy and Agnes, both girls seem to be rich, maybe a bit bitchy, but fairly normal. But then crazy situations started happening, I found myself wondering who was the cause and doubting everything/everyone. One minute I’d believe it was one character causing things to happen, then the next page would make me question another. This continued for the entire book! I never knew who to trust or not to trust.

Before I was even halfway through I began recommending this book to my friends and family. Especially those who I know have a tendency to love psychological thrillers. Vicious Little Darlings is worth checking out if you like books of this sort!