When I came across Karsten Knight’s blog awhile back I knew I had to read his book, because I fell in love with his personality through his posts and his vlogs. Wildefire quickly went onto my wishlist. Then it came across Galley Grab, I was ecstatic.

We all know a first chapter can make or break a book sometimes. I mean, it sets the entire mood for the book. Wildefire by far has one of the best book beginnings. Opening up to two girls fighting? Classic. It wasn’t just the fact that it was a fight, it was how well it was done. Plus not only did the first chapter show my violent tendencies (I’m kidding!!!), but the entire book held on strong.

How can you not love a book that brings in all sorts of different types of mythology. Especially ones you never really think of or at least see in YA like Polynesian.

This story shows sibling rivalry at it’s finest! Ash loves her sister, but is beginning to see just who Eve really is. Eve is creepy, violent, and just plain evil. Each character is full of personality, vivid, and loveable. Often when a male author writes a lead female character, I am anxious because it’s not always to get what seems to be an authentic sounding girl, Knight struck gold. Ash, for example, is snarky and quick with a comeback, despite her whole “goddess” status she feels real.

The end! I want to teleport until book 2 is available, then rewind to today to read it. That way I don’t miss any new book releases between now and then. See, I have this all planned out. Seriously though, the ending I totally didn’t see coming. Plus it’s a major cliffhanger, so I must know what Knight has in store for us next.

Wildefire will be released July 26th. As previously stated, I received my copy courtesy of Simon & Schuster’s GalleyGrab in exchange for my honest review.